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Armed with a small bi-plane, a few bombs and a truck load of luck, SKUNNY must destroy key installations and rid the world of the tyrant SADMAN INSANE! Your task is to guide SKUNNY through the desert avoiding obstacles and anti-aircraft fire, while taking on the many and varied aircraft that have been sent to stop you.

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"With non-stop action, over the top explosions and a great sense of humor, Desert Raid has all the right stuff to keep you interested from start to finish
PC REVIEW / December 1993"


  • 256 Color VGA graphics with fantastic funny animations.
  • Smooth Horizontal Scrolling.
  • Laugh at the crazy animations and sounds when a baddie gets it!
  • "Smart" Enemies.
  • Machine gun/Smart Bombs and Regular Bombs make for a hell of a blast!
  • Adlib/Sound Blaster Support
  • Automatic "Smart" Save.
  • Choose to play any level.
  • Ten Levels of mayhem (Registered Version).
  • Keyboard/Joystick/Gravis Pad Support (Gravis Pad Recommended).
  • Produce your own screenshots using the built in PCX screen grabber.

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